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Office and Home Cleaning

At The Office & Home Cleaning Services, we provide detailed cleaning services for our valued clients in Adelaide.

We don’t just clean but we make your home and office a better place to live and work. How? We regularly look after it and share you some loved ideas to keep it cleaner for longer period of times.

We use cleaning products that are environmentally responsible or sustainable.

End of Lease Cleaning

If you are moving out, we do end of lease cleaning. This means we can do all the jobs for you to have a peace of mind. We have working professionals who worked for more than 50 real estate agents and we know how to make owners and the agents happy.

Don’t risk loosing your deposit.

Just call us for detail cleaning.


One Off Cleaning

Our one off cleaning services can be customized to your needs. Our team will do the visit and we decide on our prices. You can choose hourly rate or one off price for doing the jobs.


We clean every corners of your house.

We also offer the regular domestic cleaning services for you.

How we work here is we create a checklist and we do the cleaning.

Some examples of our services in one off cleaning are:

  1. In the kitchen: cupboards are cleaned. Worktops and surfaces are wiped. Sink will be sanitized.
  2. In the bathroom: Tiles are scrubbed clean. Grout cleaning. The toilet sink, shower and bath are all thoroughly cleaned.
  3. Entire Property: All floors are vacuumed and mopped. All surfaces are cleaned. Cobwebs are removed and use of high pressure clear fully.
  4. Additional tasks, like washing the interior windows, can be incorporated in the service. Hard-to-reach spots and areas can be cleaned, upon request. Please, note that the cleaners will attempt to move heavy furniture upon request.
  5. Extra rooms, such as studies, laundry rooms, game rooms, conservatories, storage rooms can be also cleaned, shed are tided and rubbish will be dumbed.

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